from the small joinery to the international brand manufacturer: moll – the Original

moll was founded by the moll family in 1925 as a furniture manufacturer in Gruibingen, in the Swabian Alb (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

We are a global leader in expandable children’s desks, chairs, and organisational furniture. The typical features of moll products, developed and produced in Gruibingen, include high quality, ergonomics, durability, and the ability to modify over time. We have successfully marketed our products in over 30 countries around the world.

Making child’s play of healthy learning and working

In 1974, we invented the world’s first adjustable-height children’s desk with a tilting work surface. With the introduction of the basic system in the 1990s,we were the first manufacturer of children’s furniture to offer a complete system of adaptable furniture that grows with children and teenagers. When children grow up, their needs for space and features change. This is why moll builds desks as a system. They have to grow in order to keep working tomorrow as well.

This pays for itself, too. Our desks, chairs, and lamps together provide complete workstations for children and teenagers, growing with them from elementary school to graduation. These systems feature many expansions that can be combined individually. Future needs for work areas and functions are covered. For example, they provide expansions for computers and monitors.

Our quality promises

This combination of innovation and quality has made us unique and more flexible than many other adaptable desks for children. Quality is in the big picture as well as in all the details. An attractive design and high-end production in Germany make our product special durable.

We pursue cutting-edge development in adjustable-height and ergonomic desks, and our innovative designs and clever functionality keep our product lines at the state of the art. This is backed up by our many awards, such as the internationally renowned red dot design award for Desk Champion in 2012.

In addition to children’s furniture, we develop and manufacture “Rotafile” organisational furniture for offices and archives. Invented over 50 years ago, and still indispensable today: the rotary file storage system. A “space-saving miracle” that can store a large number of files in a very small  space. Space-saving, flexible, and extremely strong.