moll unique: Ergonomic perfection meets great design

Hip, stylish and practical: moll’s unique desk furniture
It is for children, because it can grow with them. It is for grownups, because they can also work at it, sitting or standing. The moll T7 desk is for anyone who likes it — and they may love it for a lifetime. Through its design, functionality and quality, it delivers on its promises: ergonomic excellence paired with minimalistic design that doesn’t just go well in a child’s room. As is typical for the moll brand, the desk comes with a chair and container. The new moll unique design series starts with the moll T7 desk, the moll S6 chair and the moll C7 container, and is available now.

“A special style and design awareness is called for now more than ever,” says Martin Moll, explaining why his company is breaking new ground in product development. “For moll unique, we have placed special emphasis on design quality. Add the high standards for ergonomics and durability, and you have furniture designed for life. Children can continue to use it after they grow up, and later pass it on to their own children. Variable dimensions and easy adjustment to body size make that possible. As the inventor of the desk that grows with the child, moll has set a benchmark in the past with premium-quality functional furniture. Now the design factor brings still other target groups into play. moll unique includes the designer products moll T7, moll S6 and moll C5. Their look is unique both on the market and within moll’s product range.

The concept is designed for lifelong use and true sustainability. Made in Germany, the furniture uses premium materials that ensure durability. Thanks to its timeless design, variable dimensions and interchangeable elements, the furniture outlasts the user’s changing preferences, while its functional components always keep it ergonomic. This is one more reason why the moll T7 desk has been nominated for the German Design Award.

Every piece of moll unique design series furniture bears an individual marker. This identifies the product not only during its craft-oriented production process, but also for customer service when the quality or availability guarantee is redeemed.