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Scooter DetailScooter DetailScooter DetailScooter DetailScooter Detail

The design chair for kids

Grows perfectly with the child and ergonomically sensible

  • Adapts to individual physical proportions: seat height, seat depth and height adjustment of backrests can be adjusted separately on Scooter.
  • It is child’s play to adjust them: fold out the lever and slide the backrest or seat to the required setting.

Good-looking and functional – It remains sturdy and safe

  • The high quality mesh cover offers optimum comfort as well as the best breathability.
  • The optional cushions make it individual and cosy.
  • The six-armed star base with braked castors provides stability and safety. Gliders are available as an accessory.
  • The angular frame is made of thick metal piping and the seat and backrest are made of fibreglass reinforced synthetics.

Two colors:

  • Grey frame with silver mesh
  • White frame with silver mesh

Dimensions: 70×70 cm
Seat height: 28-52 cm
Body height: 110-200 cm
Capacity: Up to 90 kg

moll – quality made in Germany!

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Cover fabrics for your moll swivel chair

To order optional to your chair

Cover fabric Red


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Blue


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Pink


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Rose


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Black


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Grey


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Orange


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Green


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Galaxy


Cover fabric Scooter

Cover fabric Wonderland


Cover fabric Scooter