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Moll S9

moll S9 – Encouraged to move.

The moll S9 doesn’t just bring all the strengths of a swivel chair to the home. It is an invitation to move — an encouragement to rethink sitting. The moll S9 brings an end to all conventions. It is the chair for every body size and any seating idea. It allows more than just ideal adjustment to people. Thanks to its compact shape, it offers endless seating options. Whether from the front, left back or side, the moll S9 expands the horizon, and its movable seating surface keeps the body moving. Accept the invitation to more freedom while sitting.

The moll S9 is the reinvention of the swivel chair for work at home. Its design, material characteristics and compact construction make the moll S9 into residential furniture with technical intelligence. No other swivel chair adjusts to different body sizes and seating needs as extensively as the moll S9. This makes it just as suitable for children as for adults.

Moreover, it invites the user to take on a wide range of postures, and its seating surface ensures that the user always sits dynamically and healthily. The design of the moll S9 is independent and uncompromising. It goes well in any living environment without losing its character. The moll S9 has already received the renowned international German design award Focus.

Dimensions: 65 x 65 cm
Seating depth from approx. 32 (39) cm to 43 (45) cm
Seating tilt from approx. 4 degrees backwards to about 7 degrees forward
Lateral seating tilt maximum approx. 5 degrees
Backrest height 39 (50) cm
Weight range 25 kg to 100 kg

Idaid, Stuttgart
moll Designteam

moll – Qualität made in Germany!

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Healthy sitting requires movement

Human beings are not made for static sitting. Hardly anything stresses the body more than static forced postures. The moll S9, therefore, is not just a chair — it is a constant invitation to move and change postures.


The rocking backrest follows the body, invites the user to lean, and provides stability.


The movably mounted seating surface ensures the correct seating angle — both when leaning forward and leaning back.


The lateral rocking function keeps the pelvis in motion and effectively prevents static sitting.



From very small to very tall

The moll S9 has a height adjustment range that makes the chair ideal for any body size. This is made possible by continuous regulation of the seating height and the seating depth in two height and depth ranges. It makes the moll S9 an ideal solution for children of any size, and for adults.

And by the way: With the height adjustment, the moll S9 also automatically adapts to the user’s weight.

The seat height adjusts in two continuous steps. This makes the moll S9 suitable for body sizes from 125 to 190 cm.


The seating depth can be adjusted using a lever under the seating surface. The seating surface rotation option allows an adjustment range of 32 cm to 45 cm.

Intelligence and safety in every detail

The moll S9 is inspiring in every detail.


High-quality, safe and beautiful:
the braked double castors



One-hand operation:
the seating height lock


Craftsmanship meets ergonomics: the moll S9’s perfect seams and multiple-zone seat cushion upholstery.



Always in reach: simple, intelligent seating depth adjustment.



Exciting even for little ones:
the moll S9’s secret compartment



Loving detail:
bag hook with push-to-open function


Fresh colors and optimal comfort.

Whether a chair becomes one’s favorite place largely depends on how good it makes you feel. The moll S9 is comfortably upholstered all around. It’s simple-care, easy-to-clean coverings are available in eight fresh colors that can be freely mixed and matched. This means the moll S9 brings a fresh accent to any room.

Polsterbezug Beige


Bezugstoff Dunkelblau


Bezugstoff Dunkelbraun


Bezugstoff Hellblau


Bezugstoff Lemon


Bezugstoff Orange


Bezugstoff Pink


Bezugstoff Pink


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