Design desks by moll

electric height-adjustable – the perfect tables for every task and every challenge

designmöbel von moll unique designschrebtisch T7 designdrehstuhl S6 höhenverstellbar made in germany

moll unique desks are for grownups, because they can also work at it, sitting or standing. It is for children, because it can grow with them. The moll T7 is a desk for anyone who likes it — and they may love it for a lifetime. Through its design, functionality and quality, it delivers on its promises: Ergonomic excellence paired with minimalistic design that doesn’t only go well in a private office, but even in a living room.

Is a desk that even a person 56 cm tall can use automatically a children’s desk? Not at all, because this is similar to the coffee table level. As the first  manufacturer, we offer a desk whose height can be adjusted between 56 cm and 118 cm — at the touch of a button, by an electric motor. With the additional adapter, even an extension to 128 cm is possible. That makes the range of uses enormous: The desk can be ergonomically adapted to almost any body size and for any activity — regardless of whether sitting or standing and whether used as a desk or for other activities.