• moll world of design

    moll unique swivel chairs

    Swivel chairs that can be individually adapted and still retain their cosy charm.

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  • moll world of design

    moll unique desks

    an electrically height-adjustable furniture that can be a coffee table or desk – for ergonomic working in a sitting or standing position and suitable for any body size.

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  • MOLL world of design

    moll unique designer lamps

    moll designer lamps combines elegance with intelligence puts any situation at the home office in the right light

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Design worlds by moll

moll unique: Furniture for lifelong use

designmöbel von moll unique designschrebtisch T7 designdrehstuhl S6 höhenverstellbar made in germany

Buying furniture demands inspiration. If you thought that ergonomic work and premium design were a contradiction in terms, moll unique will show you that the two can go together. Furniture produced in Germany with timeless design and to the highest ergonomic standards. Our design worlds show you products for creating a wide variety of interior solutions. Discover the variety of the various materials — and how they influence the atmosphere of a room.

Good design puts people and their individual needs in focus — a principle that we have served for years. As the inventor of the desk that grows with the child, we have set a benchmark in the past with premium-quality functional furniture. Now the design factor has come even more into play. Ergonomic, exclusive, high-quality and long-lasting is what the moll unique design series stands for — and it’s made in Germany.

design desk moll T7

designmöbel von moll unique designschrebtisch T7 elektrisch höhenverstellbar made in germany

ergonomic desk moll T5

mobile container moll C7

design swivel chair moll S9

swivel chair moll S6

moll unique is designer furniture produced for the greatest possible durability and variability. It can be furniture for living, or furniture for the office. The high quality and customizability of moll unique design series furniture ensures many years of use. This means you don’t have to make any compromises for your home. Instead of fleeting extravagance combined with limited usability, with moll unique you are buying beautiful, timeless, ergonomic furniture as a lifelong companion. This makes the workplace comfortable for living, and the living space suitable for ergonomic work.