• moll Joker Comfort

    moll Joker – In 2019 even the entry model is pretty comfortable

    Now, there is the new Joker with comfort feet, which allows continuous setting of desk height using a patented control cable technology.

    everything about our Joker ComfortNEW IN 2019
  • moll Champion Express

    Champion Compact Express – introduces the sit-stand desk to the kids and students room.

    The human body is not designed to sit for extended periods of time. Perfect is a flexible sit-stand workspace. It allows positions to be changed quickly and easily.

    everything about our Champion ExpressNEW IN 2019
  • moll Winner Splitt

    The answer to the question why not only pencils and scissors are specially made for left- and right-handed users, but children’s desks too.

    Ergonomic products should adapt to people. The new Winner Split supports children regardless of whether they are right- or left-handed

    everything about our Winner SplitNEW IN 2019
  • NEW in the moll unique collection

    the mollT5 brings ergonomics into private offices

    More and more people like to balance their professional and private lives. In contrast to the company office, the workspace at home is often very poorly equipped. With the moll T5 that will be changed.

    discover your moll T5NEW IN 2019
  • moll Champion Compact

    the solution for small children’s rooms

    With the Champion Compact, kids’ rooms can also be designed for functionality and comfort down to a few square meters. It offers lots of functionality and requires very little floor space.

    everything about our Champion CompactNEW IN 2019
  • An invitation to movement

    moll S9 — from the moll unique design series, a desk that thinks with you

    The moll S9 is an invitation to move, a call to rethink what sitting means. The moll S9 brings an end to all conventions. It is the chair for any body size and any way of sitting.

    Your invitation to proper sitting ...
  • Design for life

    moll T7 – ergonomic perfection meets great design

    Ergonomic perfection meets great design. Hip, stylish and practical. The concept is designed for lifelong use and true sustainability.

    find your moll T7 ...
  • moll – the original

    Children grow — moll grows with them: height-adjustable desks

    If a desk is fun, kids like to use it. And it is ideal if it can be customized. But every child has individual tastes. This is why moll offers a variety of children’s desks in various shapes and colors.

    the right workplace for your kids ...
  • Just right if you have to sit

    All-round ergonomics for big people, little people and everyone in between.

    And a children’s swivel chair that matches the desk makes the learning station complete. All moll models start small and grow in an ergonomically appropriate manner: in the seating height, seating depth and backrest height. You can even change the cushion covers. Only moll can do all that!

    Healthy sitting made easy ...

moll Funktionsmöbel

grows with every challenge

We are the inventor of the height-adjustable children’s desk. Our desks and swivel chairs grow with the child, can be set very high or very low and flexibly adapt to ever-changing needs. They offer storage space and plenty of utility surface for writing, reading and drawing. They score points for functionality, are thought out ergonomically to the smallest detail, and are practically indestructible. And our future designs for children’s and teens’ rooms will always set innovative standards. moll kids: growing together.

With our new moll unique design series, we consider all age groups and their needs in our product development — the desks and swivel chairs are designed ergonomically for both adults and children. With a minimalistic visual language, an age-independent design was developed that works in completely different spaces, from the living room to the children’s bedroom.  True long-term durability comes from a combination of quality, design and function. That makes for a sustainable furnishing concept. moll unique: Design for life

Rotafile can do it and cleverly sums up the topic of storage. Compared to conventional shelving systems, the rotary racks have a maximum capacity on a very small area and thus lead to an effective gain in space. moll rotafile: a master at saving space.

Design, innovation, quality and safety are foremost in our product development. Quality in every detail. All moll products are developed and produced in house, where everything started almost 100 years ago: in the Swabian Alps of southern Germany. High-quality German manufacturing ensures very long-lasting products.

As the market leader, our development blazes the trail. moll develops tomorrow’s solutions today. In many families, our furniture is passed on from one generation to the next. We’re proud of this, and it’s what the moll brand stands for.

What’s new

Champion Express - Steh-Sitz Dynamik im Jugendzimmer

Champion Compact

Winner Split

Why moll is so special

made in Germany, bought worldwide

moll is the inventor

In 1974, moll invented the world’s first height-adaptable desk with a tilt-adjustable work surface for children and teenagers. The sustainable concept …. learn more

moll is the future

moll manufactures amidst the breathtaking nature of the Swabian Alps. This nearness to nature inspires environmental responsibility …. learn more

moll is health

Ergonomic furniture takes on an important function: It promotes healthy development. Ergonomics is about more than comfort ….learn more

moll is safety

To this day, design, innovation, quality and safety are foremost in developing our desk systems. Quality in every detail. This is confirmed by …. learn more

moll is reliability

Ergonomic furniture takes on an important function: It promotes healthy development. Ergonomics is about more than comfort, it’s also about medical wellbeing …. learn more

moll is made in Germany

We have been designing and manufacturing in Germany for more than 90 years. moll takes responsibility for its employees and ensures ….learn more

moll is good design

In everything we do, we ensure that the moll brand stands for functionality and ergonomics with special high-quality design. The large number of …. learn more

moll is unique

Ergonomics, function, innovation, design, quality: moll sets standards for the industry and trends for tomorrow. moll develops tomorrow’s solutions today …  learn more

moll is right near you

Find a moll dealer in your area  … learn more

factory outlet in Gruibingen

experience moll — buy moll. We offer discontinued models, display models, trade show items and seconds at good prices … learn more


The “blaue faden” at moll

What makes our desks and chairs so kid-conscious? To answer this question, Yuna and Linus visited us, took a fine-toothed comb to our desks and chairs, and sat for an interview with Martin Moll.

mitwachsende Kindermöbel von moll kinderschreibtische kinderdrehstühle höhenverstellbar neigbar made in germany

Movement makes you smart. Interview

Why is movement so important, and the basis for healthy physical and mental development? You’ll learn this in an interview with Dr. Breithecker, head of the German Federal Association for Posture and Exercise.

moll: our dealers

What makes moll different, where can you find our products, and what do our dealers think of moll? This video lets our partners give their opinion — all over the world.

mitwachsende Kindermöbel von moll kinderschreibtische kinderdrehstühle höhenverstellbar neigbar made in germany

moll kids: growing together

designmöbel von moll unique designschrebtisch T7 designdrehstuhl S9 höhenverstellbar made in germany

moll unique: Design for life

moll rotafile: a master at saving space

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