Rotafile rotating shelves from moll

ingenious space savings on just 1 square meter

Whether at home, in the office or at the workshop, space is costly.

Rotafile’s clever storage concept is right on the money. Compared to conventional shelf systems, the rotating shelves achieve maximum capacity on the smallest footprint to efficiently gain space.

With the two models Multifile, and Compactfile  Rotafile provides movement and always shows its flexible side. The rotating shelves are suitable for a wide range of applications, from pure folder storage to an elegant space-saving version.

With a load capacity of 75 kg per level, Rotafile can take whatever you dish out. A real space saver with power and brains, it stores up to 24 folders per level. But Rotafile is also excellent for tools or as tray shelving.

Rotafile also offers many ingenious extensions, so the rotation column can always be customized to your own preferences.