Desk extensions moll Joker

The need for space often grows when children get older. This is why the moll Joker offers several options for making the best use of available space.

Side Top Joker

The Side Top extends the desk widthwise, can be mounted on the left or right.

Width 38 cm – Depth 68 cm – Weight – 6,8 kg

Giant drawer Joker

So that all utensils are in easy reach without making a mess on the desk, the Joker offers a giant drawer with plenty of storage that does not limit freedom of movement.

Width 100 cm – Depth 36 cm – Height – 5,0 cm – Weight 4,0 kg

Utensilo beside

The new addition Utensilo beside can be hung on all desk sides – right or left – of all table models with the patented hooks.