moll Multifile

ingenious space savings on just 1 square meter

Multifile was developed for efficient storage management and ensures maximum flexibility with effective use of storage space. With a diameter of 80 cm and individually rotatable levels, Multifile also has a wide range of accessories, such as valuable edge profiles and subcompartments.

moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell multifile
moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell multifile
moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell multifile

What makes Multifile so unique?

Multifile not only offers storage space with a small footprint, but provides many other advantages. Each of Multifile’s levels is individually rotatable and completely independent. Another special feature is that each level of the Multifile can be custom adjusted. It is very easy to adjust the height of the individual levels to the objects to be stored. The wide range of accessories allows Multifile to meet individual needs. With a diameter of 80 cm, Multifile is perfect for saving space. The optional castors and add-on levels give Multifile maximum flexibility.

moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell tischgerät

For order in the workplace

The table unit is an excellent system for keeping the workplace neat. Its rotatable levels allow folders to be accessed from several sides. This makes the table unit especially good for use in offices. The cover always stays stiff, so that objects stored on the table unit can’t fall. The diameter is 80 cm. The stored objects can be up to 37 cm high.

For changing space conditions

Because available space can change over time, levels can be added or removed from Multifile at any time. If desired, up to six levels can be put together. Each level can hold up to 90 kg.

1 level                 43 cm

2 levels               87 cm

3 levels             124 cm

4 levels             159 cm

5 levels             195 cm

6 levels             231 cm

Optional accessories for the Compactfile

moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell multifile


The CD unit provides space for CD sleeves. An intelligent spiral system allows these CDs to be stored while saving space. To ensure the highest quality, only aluminum and tempered spring steel are used in production.

moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell multifile


The OrgaSet organizer is right for storing brochures, loose-leaf binders or magazines. The subdivisions stabilize the media and provide the necessary support. Each OrgaSet consists of 4 individual elements that can be placed in a quarter of the level. The individual elements can each be separated by four subdivisions.

moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell multifile


The Reling protects the stored objects from falling out of the levels and ensures safe storage. They can easily be installed even as a later upgrade. Reling’s luxurious chrome appearance fits elegantly into the overall image. Delivery includes four Relings for each level.

moll rotafile platzsparende drehsäule modell multifile

Easy pull-out unit

As an additional storage surface for folders and other objects, the additional work surface can be installed. This is installed from below on any selected Multifile level. If necessary, the pull-out unit can easily be removed and inserted again in a jiffy.

Castor set

To turn Multifile into a mobile furniture item in no time, castors can be installed at any time. This makes Multifile a flexible rotation column that can be moved whenever necessary.