Desk moll T5

creating a healthy environment

Only constant movement and continuously changing position sustainably relieves strain on the body. Express height adjustment, desktop tilt adjustment, a pleasant, warm Fenix NTM®, and easy handling — with its excellent functionality, moll T5 is right for any working style and intuitively supports working in a way that promotes physical health.

With the moll T5, the user stimulates the standing and sitting dynamics, i.e. the interruption of seated work by working periods that could be done while standing.  After all, a comfortable, ergonomically designed workplace as a basis for modern, productive work is not only reserved for the professional workplace in the office.

The moll T5 has a pleasant feel

Whether as a simple desk or with the three-level extension, moll T5-E2, the moll T5 creates the space you need for work — and makes it all feel pleasant: The Fenix NTM® surface refinement gives moll T5 a soft, velvet feel. The extremely matt nanotech material is distinctive for its very low light reflection and high resistance to scratches and wear. The surface radiates a pleasant warmth.

The moll T5 keeps the essentials in view

Whether the moll T5-E2 extension with three shelves, the practical magnet board with whiteboard function, or the versatile Utensilo, the moll T5’s many features keep everything you need for work within arm’s reach. The moll T5’s basic equipment is always extendible and can always create new storage space. This makes it a lifelong companion — from preschool to college and beyond.

The moll T5 adjusts to anything

Body size, strength, structure — everyone has their own characteristics and ways of working. The moll T5 adapts to it all. Its moll T5-E1 extension creates additional room and free space on the desk.

With the express height adjustment, the moll T5 can be adjusted to the right height in seconds with just a grip of the hand. The patented moll technology does without electricity and cables. With the optionally available height adapter, the desk can be brought up to 124 cm.

Always rising to the occasion

Easy up and down: Ergonomically correct work means regularly switching between sitting and standing activity at the desk. Thanks to the express height adjustment, the correct, healthiest posture can be matched to a given work situation with just the grip of a hand.
Adjustment range 69–114 cm.

The moll T7 as a standing desk

Whether sitting or standing work – the intuitive lever adjustment makes operation easy. Simply pull and release when the desired height is reached.

Height adapter

With the optionally available height adapter, the desk can be brought up to 124 cm.


Smartphones and -watches can be charged wireless with the QI-Charger integrated into the desktop of the moll T5. The QI-Charger is available separately and can be added later. It is invisibly integrated into the table top. A sticker on the table top indicates the charging position for the device.

More about this intersting feature you find here:

Positively inclined and full of energy

Different tasks call for different points of view: The moll T5’s desktop can be tilted not only to open a variety of perspectives, but also to support healthy, upright posture. As a practical accessory, the moll ruler with magnet inlay ensures that nothing can slip off the tilted desktop.

Easy to handle

For ergonomically healthy posture the moll T5 has a safe and easy-to-operate tilt function for adjusting the desktop to the desired angle – even when seated.

Cable duct provides space and safety

Cables lying on the floor can quickly be rolled over by the vacuum cleaner or chair. They often become tripping hazards. Nothing is more annoying than space-hogging cable spaghetti on the desk. In the moll T5 desk’s cable duct, not only multiple electrical sockets disappear, but so do all the cables connected to them. With its coverable cable duct, the moll T5 creates order and ensures an ideal power supply for all devices on the desk.

With the moll T5 order is in 1st place.

Giant drawer — more space with the Champion

The giant drawer spans the whole width and offers plenty of storage. The giant drawer is equipped with a foam insert that prevent pencils and pens from sliding around. The integrated pen tray ensures that all writing utensils are always at hand.

moll T5-E2

The multifunctional wall with three shelves complements the moll T5 into the third level. A magnetic pinboard is included as standard. In addition, you can attach the optional Utensilo and so you have a lot of possibilities to store pens, papers and other utensils.

Magnetic pinboard

The magnetic pinboard is standard equipment and can also be used as a whiteboard. This ensures that no thought or note is lost.


Standard equipment includes three shelves. Two aluminum-color-coated bookends at the upper shelve make sure nothing can fall from the sides.

moll T5-E1

The side extension creates additional space on the desk for the user. Depending on the application, it is adjustable in height and can be mounted on the right or left.

Perfection in detail

It’s often the details that make a good product outstanding. The high-quality magnetic ruler made of aluminium offers more than help with drawing straight lines. Its magnet inlay prevents objects lying on the table from slipping down when the table top is set at an inclined angle.

Perfection in every detail

moll T5 in detail


Desk with Express height adjustment


Width 120 cm

Depth 72 cm

Height 69-114 cm

Weight 62 kg


Tilted desktop

Drawer with compartments

Covered cable duct with large volume support

Optional height adapter +10 cm

operating instructions