New in 2019: Champion Compact Express – introduces the sit-stand desk to the kids’ room

At moll, the guiding principle is that a desk must be height-adjustable – which allows it to “grow” along with the child. The new Champion Compact Express, like the Champion, is designed for longevity and accompanies young people through primary school and into their college years.

Expansion of the ergonomic desk range

The Champion also allows the desktop to be tilted for an optimal viewing angle during activities such as reading, studying or writing. With the Flexlight for optimal lighting and the right chair, such as the Maximo or Scooter, which along with body size can also be adjusted to body proportions, the result is in an ergonomic study space.

The new Champion Compact Express provides the perfect basis for this. It brings a learning experience full of variety – whether standing or sitting – to the kids’ room.

How should kids rooms be furnished for perfect ergonomic conditions ?

The Champion Compact Express succeeds with its patented Express height adjustment of 69-114 cm (even to 124 cm with height adapter). As a kids’ desk that grows with the children, the Champion Compact Express is the ideal companion desk – from primary school through to college and on to the adult office with a sit-stand work space. Its diverse extension options also make it suitable for use in the home office and office for adults.

In 2018, the Champion was recognized with the German Design Award. The new generation: Champion Compact Express – which brings the kind of professional functionality normally associated with the professional office to the teens’ room – has prize-winning potential for ergonomics. The patented base allows young adults and teenagers from a body-height of approx. 155 cm to easily adjust the desk height. In this way, the height of the desktop can be correctly set from sitting to standing height entirely without the use of power. The Champion Express thus not only grows along with the kid, but it also motivates adolescents to alternate between standing and sitting while working.

With its technology, the Champion Compact Express offers an innovative solution for height adjustment that brings together two advantages. In practice, the Express height adjustment function is used significantly more frequently than a motorized function: the desktop can be easily set to the desired height by simply pressing a lever. The spring force of the desk can be configured according to table load – even with an additional weight of 32 kg (70.5 lbs.). It is here that the sit-stand dynamic is actually fully realized. And everything is continuous, free of power connections and thus absolutely safe for the user.

Why a sit-stand workspace makes sense?

The human body is not designed to sit for extended periods of time. Strain on one side is harmful to the body, regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing. A flexible sit-stand workspace is ideal. It allows work positions to be changed quickly and easily.

And by the way: The great German author Goethe already understood this. We now know that he wrote his greatest works at a standing work station.

Scientists have determined that two to four changes in posture per hour has positive effects on health. The Express height adjustment function is the ideal way to ensure that your kids also use the sit-stand dynamic, as it enables simple and comfortable changes of posture.

Just as important as the correct desk height, is the tilted position of the desktop. Observe your children while they’re reading and you’ll see that the child intuitively holds the book at an angle. This avoids a “nodding” posture where the head is bent too far forwards. This intuitive action is called somatic intelligence. It describes our physical awareness and the intuitive feeling we have for doing what is good for the body. By holding the book in a tilted position, your child avoids uncomfortable muscle tension and enjoys reading for longer periods of time. The Champion Express supports this with its tilting desktop. Here, the rear desktop area is always horizontal – which is practical for supporting monitors, books or other utensils.  It is designed so that children can easily tilt the front part of the desktop up to 20°. The included magnetic anti-slip feature holds books and papers on the desk and keeps them from falling.

Why are tiltable desktops so important?

You can find out step-by-step what tiltable desktops offer and how the tilt function operates in the report „Schräge Tische – Gerade Haltung!”. These and other reports can be found at

Champion Compact Express – ideal for small kids’ rooms

A kids’ room must be able to meet a wide range of needs on a daily basis. It will normally be a place for sleeping, play and study all in one. The space will frequently be tight. When just a small amount of floor space is available, a compact desk is necessary. The Champion Compact Express, with a width of 86 cm (33.85 in.), can also fit in small niches. A particularly space-saving extension for this desk is for example the Flex Deck Compact:  With this practical multi-functional shelf, the desk extends to three dimensions.

The cable duct on the back of the desk in which e.g. power strips, power units and all connected cables can be concealed, prevents a tangle of cables on the floor. The optional cable duct cover also provides organization optically. This ensures a convenient power supply for all devices on the desk.

Consistent with the latest trends in technology, the Champion Compact Express can be extended with the optional QI charger. When integrated in the desktop, this charger allows for wireless charging of smartphones and smart watches so that your favorite device is always in reach.

Extensions that expand the floor space and the storage space.

With sufficient space in the room, you can ideally extend the desktop to the right or left with the Side Top – if necessary also on both sides. When the compact desk includes the Side Top, the desktop width expands by approx. 130 cm, or approx. 170 cm for both sides.

You can find more information about extensions here.

The Champion Compact offers everything that the Champion has and with the Express base is an ideal and ergonomic companion as children grow into adulthood.

You can find complete information on this here.