Color for the children’s desk

The possibilities with decor

Good mood & mental acumen

The children’s desk occupies a special, if not central, position in the children’s room in terms of size. This also includes the look of the table. The desk is not only intended for writing and homework in the children’s room. Its design and appearance should be based on the existing furnishings or often become a determining element in the room in terms of colour and design. That’s why moll has chosen a modern design for its children’s desks. In addition, the moll children’s desks are complemented by a wide range of different colour options. But this is not all you can get from molls children’s desks. Because parents know that nothing is more constant in the children’s room than change. Your child’s taste and preferences will change several times in the course of time, between primary school and high school. But buying a new desk every time? With moll this is not necessary.

mitwachsende Kindermöbel von moll kinderschreibtische kinderdrehstühle höhenverstellbar neigbar made in germany
mitwachsende Kindermöbel von moll kinderschreibtische kinderdrehstühle höhenverstellbar neigbar made in germany

When the desk becomes individual

Moll has developed the colour elements of the children’s desks in such a way that they can be replaced as required. Together with your child, design the children’s desk according to your taste and preferences. In this way, the desk becomes a trendsetter. The table top of the moll children’s desks is the basis for all design variants. It is important to know that the table tops of all moll children’s desks are not only hard-wearing, but also have low emissions. This fact is due to the melamine resin coating applied to the worktop. Various decors are available for designing the children’s desk. Starting with a simple white, a light and warm maple, to a strong beech and a noble oak you have a great choice. All decorative colours are products that look bright and friendly to your child.

The different colour elements of the moll children’s desks

The different decors are not the only design possibilities offered by a moll children’s desk. You can also use the coloured side panels to set specific colour accents. Depending on the model, the number of possible colours can vary. This must be the case, because your child’s taste will change over time and the desk will then be able to change with it. These accent elements are manufactured in modular construction and can be easily exchanged. Depending on the model, these colour applications are supplied free of charge.

A comprehensive look at the children’s desk

When it comes to appearance and design, there is, as so often in life and in the world, far more than one opinion. For example, on the subject of the colour of a children’s desk, where much more is at stake than just talking about the pure colour design of the furniture. There are several questions: Which color triggers which reactions? Which colours harmonize with each other and with the rest of the furnishings? How much colour and colour design should be used? How much colour design can a children’s desk withstand? If you do your research on the Internet, you will find a wide range of diverse opinions on this topic – here are a few aspects from us on the subject of colour design in the children’s room in general and colour design of the children’s desk in particular.

The choice of colours in the children’s room and their effect

For the basic colour scheme in the children’s room, a highlight colour can of course be used, but we would always use it selectively rather than flatly. Toys, books and co. already bring enough colourfulness. “It is visually more calming when stored in closed boxes”, says interior designer Katharina Holzer from the  “kinderzimmerei” furnishing team, which specialises in the interior design of children’s rooms. “Discreet colours of the wall, floor and furniture create a pleasant atmosphere. For example, the combination of furniture in white tones and wall design in light shades such as warm grey or cream has a fresh and harmonious effect,” says Katharina Holzer.

Extra color tip: check room conditions

Before going into the colour scheme, the proportions and special features of the room have to be taken into account: If the room appears rather cool in general, for example, due to its position in the north orientation – a rather warm tone is preferable for the wall colour in order to bring some warmth into the room. If the room is beautifully light-flooded and facing south, a cooler colour creates a welcome balance and an antipole.

Is there an optimal colour scheme for the sleeping area and the learning area?

There is no universal rule when it comes to the choice of colour for the different areas in the children’s room. A dark blue colour in the sleeping area may be relaxing – but if the room has a dark floor, this should be avoided or only used occasionally,” says Katharina Holzer. For example, a calming light grey is the ideal basis in the learning and workplace area and can be complemented and rounded off with yellow areas and accents in orange. This colour combination looks bright, sunny and warm.

designmöbel von moll unique designschrebtisch T7 designdrehstuhl S6 höhenverstellbar made in germany
designmöbel von moll unique designschrebtisch T7 designdrehstuhl S6 höhenverstellbar made in germany