When the children’s desk suddenly grows

Extensions in all directions are possible

Children’s desks from moll grow with you in all directions

In order to cope with all changes during childhood and adolescence, a good children’s desk must not only grow in height with your child. Children do not only grow in height, but also change their expectations and interests in other areas. For example, more space is needed on the table top to complete several tasks. Books are added, a PC is purchased or a notebook becomes a permanent fixture on the children’s desk. The tasks and activities that are carried out at the writing desk in the children’s room also change. In kindergarten and primary school, for example, these are above all handicrafts and painting. In school, this changes more for writing and reading. And everything needs its own space. A little later, a monitor and a radio, an external hard drive and other technical equipment are added, which also occupy their space on the desk. The manufacturer moll has found a solution to this problem and has developed children’s desks that grow with the changing needs of your child. Subsequently and in all dimensions.

Side Top

The children’s desk becomes wider

There are not many children’s desks that are designed to grow tall with your child. Moll children’s desks can also be extended in width. This will give your child more space. In the beginning, it is usually only a few malt books that have to be placed on the children’s desk. Soon, however, folders and books will be added, later a personal computer and a notebook. The space on the children’s desk can quickly become scarce. Not so with the moll desk for kids. This children’s desk remains flexible and offers you the possibility of providing more space for storage and important utensils on the desk. The matching add-on parts enlarge the desk’s working surface either to the left or right or in both directions.

Width alone is often not enough, because in a children’s room there is often more depth than room width available.

Multi Deck

The children’s desk from moll grows in all dimensions

In such a case, the children’s desk must be given more depth. This is done by using the appropriate extensions of moll. This means that the desk can provide your child with more workspace, exactly where he or she needs it. Installation of the extensions is quick and easy. The individual extensions are simply attached to the desk from the back. The so-called Multi Deck is a special feature. It is usually used when space is required for a monitor. The Multi Deck not only provides the necessary space, but also ensures that the recommended distance between eye and monitor is maintained. The required distance is usually one arm length.

Flex Deck

The children’s desk from moll even grows in height

In addition to the growth possibilities of breadth and depth, the moll children’s desk also has a height direction. The intelligent grid system from moll also offers the possibility of attaching the extensions in different heights to the table height. This cascade system allows you to create order grids or boundaries on the table. The moll children’s desk literally grows with your child and can be used from primary school to adulthood and beyond.

The installation of these add-on elements can also be carried out retrospectively and it is a piece of cake. The extensions are easily attached to the desk from the back or from the side. Further information on the various possibilities can be found here.