moll Profi children mobile container

the big brother of the container Pro

The mobile Pro and Profi container solutions quickly put things in order at the workplace. Depending on how the requirements grow at school, the learning space can be expanded at a later date. The drawer fronts are always in silver – the body in various decor variants.


The mobile Container Pro, on 4 castors, two of which are braked, creates additional storage space thanks to the practical shelf unit for folders and books. An adjustable shelf provides the necessary variability.


Container Profi with two self closing drawers and cross-dividers for formats up to DIN A3. In addition he has a  lockable utensil compartment with practical partitions. The optional orgaset set also fits into the container drawers.

Color depending on taste

The mobile containers are always supplied with the ability to change. Interchangeable colour applications ensure that the container Pro appeals to small children just as to young adults. The colour applications can be replaced quickly. Six beautiful accent colours provide fun and variety.

Profi in Details



Alternative to Pro

Width 43 cm
Depth 54 cm
Height 88 cm
Weight 34,0 kg


Shelf unit with two storage compartments
All drawers with self-drawer and cross-dividers for formats up to DIN A3
Lockable utensil compartment with practical subdivisions and secret compartment




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material characteristics


Melamine resin-coated surface.

MDF boards:


Wood materials according to /EN 312/ and /EN 14322/

CARB II: moll wood materials are CARB II compliant with stricter limit values than E1 according to test method EN 120 – based on current knowledge, ensures that normal, appropriate use will cause no harm or health damage.

Decorative surfaces:

tested for wear resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance, impact stress and burning cigarette ash according to EN 14322.

Solid wood panels:

made of birch, beech, oak or walnut — varnished or oiled. Tested according to DIN EN 13353 and DIN EN 13017-2.

FSC certified:

Solid wood as natural raw material from sustainable forestry ensures responsible handling of raw wood material.

ABS edges:

Thermoplastic material with excellent material and usage properties. Impact resistant, highly resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.

Color pigment and cover varnish system:

UV-curable lacquers, waterbased and therefore highly environmentally friendly. Tested and certified according to RAL UZ 38.

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