Twin Box – the new addition to the winner

If there is a lack of space next to the desk for a mobile container, the Twin Box is the ideal addition to the Winner.

If you need additional stowage space, you’ll find it next to your desk with the new Twin Box.  It is small but powerful and has two self-closing drawers, one of them is lockable. It can be fitted to the winner with or without a giant drawer and thus offers even more stowage space.

The Twin Box always has drawer fronts in silver to match the frame. The sides are available in decor, optionally white, maple or oak. The colour applications also offered by the Winner desk are also included for the Twin Box (6 different coloured foils that can be inserted into the handle recess). The Twin Box can be quickly and easily mounted at the children’s desk and can be attached to the right or left of the desk – even retrospectively.

It is not available for the Winner Compact desk , as the necessary space under the table is missing.