No need for back pain

Please pay attention to back-friendly products to when making a purchase

Together against back pain

Life in our society doesn’t exactly make it easy for our back. Since childhood our back is usually burdened with excessive and incorrect sitting and thus with a faulty posture. So it’s no wonder that back pain has now become the number one in health-related complaints. No other part of the body is stressed as often as the back, which often leads to work absences. He usually feels tense and strained and expresses this accordingly. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can counteract this displeasing trend by choosing products that are gentle on the back. This starts with furniture in the children’s room. In particular, this refers to children’s desks and desk chairs. However, not all products of this type are automatically back-friendly.

But how do you recognize desks and desk chairs that are good for your child’s back?

One possibility is the certificate of an independent institution such as the registered association Aktion Gesunder Rücken. With its “Tested & recommended” seal of approval, the latter provides a good guarantee that you are purchasing an article suitable for your back with the product that has been awarded this way. The association is a non-profit organisation and works together with various doctors, therapists from different fields of specialisation in order to achieve its goal of awarding prizes for products that are suitable for the back. This means that only those articles are certified that can prove their back-friendly functions to an independent commission of experts. The awards are given primarily to products for everyday use such as furniture, schoolbags, seats for vehicles, shoes and seating such as office furniture. The AGR receives the necessary data and the latest developments from its thousands of cooperation partners all over the world. Among these are, for example, the largest back schools in Germany, the Federal Association of German Back Schools and the Forum for a Healthy Spine. The seal of approval was developed in cooperation with these two back schools.

Seal of approval for back-friendly products

The cooperation partners also include numerous medical associations from all over the world. Incidentally, the seal of approval itself receives numerous awards and is particularly appreciated by experts. Öko-Test and the Federal Association “Die Verbraucher Initiative e. V.” are among the institutions that have awarded the seal with the best mark. Products from moll which were and awarded with the seal of approval include the Winner, Champion, Winner Compact, T7 and Maximo children’s desks. If you would like to find out more about the ergonomics of youth and children’s desks, you can also read about them directly at the AGR.