How do you adjust the table height correctly?

Can a desk grow?

The children’s desk grows with your child

Parents know this: children grow, they grow up and need new clothes every few years, other furniture and toys. This sounds so natural that you don’t really have to say anything about it. But what about the children’s desk? The fact is that the children’s desk must also offer your child an ergonomic and healthy workplace and grow with your child. Moll knows this problem and has solved it so well that a children’s desk can be your child’s companion for a period of 15 years and more.

119 cm 53 cm 28-32 cm
135 cm 59 cm 32-37 cm
151 cm 66 cm 38-42 cm

Height adjustment for children’s desks

It is also a fact that children now sit at desks longer than they used to, sometimes even longer than office workers: in the mornings at school and in the afternoons at home to do homework, to read, do handicrafts and to play. No wonder that more and more children are complaining about health problems, back pain and muscle tension. As a result, they have headaches and difficulties to concentrate over a long period of time. This makes it all the more important to adjust the height of the desk correctly. And this must be checked and adjusted at regular intervals. Because the cause of the physical and performance-related weaknesses often results from your child’s wrong posture when working at the desk. How can the moll children’s desk help here? It’s simple: setting the correct height of the desk is literally a piece of cake. But first things first.

But what is the perfect height of the children’s desk? Body size is decisive. With this table, you can adjust the children’s writing desk correctly:

How do you adjust the height of a children’s desk?

When adjusting the height of your child’s desk, make sure that the feet of your child do not only touch the ground but lie flat on it. The knee is bent at an angle of 90 ° and there is also an angle of 90 ° between the thigh and the upper body. The posture of the upper body is upright and the upper arms are in contact with the body. There is also a right angle between the upper and lower arm when the forearms lie flat on the table surface. For a child’s height of 119 cm, the table height is approximately 53 cm, for a height of 135 cm the table height is 59 cm and for a height of 151 cm it is 66 cm. Of course, these are only guide values which may vary from case to case. The height of the moll children’s desks can be adjusted either with the “comfort height adjustment” or with the “Classic height adjustment”. The comfort height adjustment is unique in the world and only patented for the moll children’s desk. The height adjustment is synchronous and infinitely variable. Even your child can adjust the setting via the integrated yo-yo. After the adjustment is done, the Jojo is attached to the table.

Desks with Comfort height adjustment

Desks optionally with Classic or Comfort height adjustment

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Desks with Classic height adjustment

Height adjustment Comfort

In addition to the comfort height adjustment, you can select and purchase the Classic height adjustment from moll. The moll comfort height adjustment system is a patented process that is only available on the moll children’s desks. The Comfort height adjustment not only works quickly, easily and precisely, but you and your children do not need any force to adjust the settings. The height adjustment is based on a cable pull. The height can be adjusted steplessly by simply pulling on the cable pulley. To prevent your child from accidentally or unintentionally adjusting the desk height, the wire rope hoist can be removed. Alternatively, you can attach the wire rope hoist to the right or left of the table. By the way, the moll children’s desk grows with your child up to adulthood. It is designed for a height of up to two metres.

Classic height adjustment

The Classic height adjustment is the second alternative to the Comfort height adjustment and the option of allowing the moll children’s desk to grow with your child. To ensure that the height adjustment is safe and not a risk factor in the children’s room, it is designed to be child-resistant. You can quickly and easily adjust the moll children’s desk to your child’s height without any effort. The height adjustment can be adjusted in ten comfortable steps between 53 and 82 cm to the height of your child or user. This corresponds to a height between 120 and 200 cm. The moll children’s desks are therefore suitable for children from primary school to adulthood, from small to particularly large children. Their longevity and the height-adjustability up to a height of 200 cm allow the moll children’s desks to grow up to adulthood.

The kids in the video at the moll “Champion” show how the correct height adjustment for different heights works. For example, it is important to adjust the table height so that the forearm can rest on the plate at a right angle.