Children’s swivel chairs by moll

Children’s desk chairs by moll

Parents are often confused when dealing with the subject of sitting. Correct sitting, dynamic sitting, back pain when sitting, healthy sitting, ergonomic seating furniture – important keywords that often don’t help them much.

Children’s desk chairs by moll

In addition to the children’s desk, there is also the matching children’s swivel chair from moll. With this piece of furniture, moll offers your child a wide range of development possibilities. But most importantly, the swivel chair for children by moll is the basis for ergonomic and efficient learning and playing at the desk. In this respect, the children’s desk chair is the perfect complement to the children’s desk from moll. Why is this important? Experts agree that today children are sitting far too much. Starting at school, sitting often continues at home: doing homework, reading, playing and doing handicrafts. The correct swivel chair for the child is often not considered. A good office chair for children is able to grow with your child in all dimensions and at the same time support dynamic sitting. Moll children’s desk chairs can do that perfectly. The office chair for your child must adapt to the changing requirements and grow with your child at the same time.

How do desk chairs grow?

The children’s desk chair from moll adapts itself exactly to the physical proportions of your child. The first step is to adjust the correct seat height. With this small guide you can do this perfectly and quickly. First of all, the chair should be adjusted so that the front edge of the seat is in the area of your child’s lower patella point. When your child is seated, the angle between the torso and thighs should be slightly greater than 90°. The feet must stand flat on the floor and be in full contact with the ground. The front edge of the seat must not be pressed down and the thighs should rest on the seat over a large area. The distance between the lower legs and the front edge of the seat is correct when four fingers of yours fit between these two. This distance is important so that the legs are well supplied with blood. Then adjust the backrest correctly. The backrest should support your child’s upper body up to the shoulder blades. This relieves the strain on the back and also ensures that when your child leans back, the back is supported and held over its entire length.

Safety comes first – also with the children’s desk chair

Ergonomics is one thing – safety must never be neglected. The risk of tipping is elementary for office chairs. You can easily test your office chair to see if it is in danger of tipping over: look at the office chair from above. Can you see all the roles? If so, the base is large enough and the chair is relatively stable against tipping over – like the “Maximo” desk chair from moll. It was even rated “very good” by Öko-Test. The explanatory statement said that it meets all the requirements of a health-promoting office swivel chair for children. The chair is also suitable for children from the age of five up to adolescents. The children’s desk chairs from moll even manage to grow along with the children from primary school to adulthood. The chairs are suitable for heights from 110 cm to 200 cm.

How to adjust a child’s swivel chair correctly? Three steps to success

The correct adjustment starts with the chair. With three simple settings, each Maximo or Scooter is adjusted to fit the user.

Hight adjustment

The chair height is chosen so that the front edge of the seat is at about the level of the bottom of the kneecap. The seating height is correct when the angle between the thigh and the torso is slightly open (greater than 90°) and the feet are in full contact with the floor.

seating depth adjustment

The seating depth is adjusted so that the thighs lie across a broad surface with no pressure from the front edge of the seat. The space between the chair’s front edge and the lower leg should therefore be about the width of four fingers. This keeps the legs well supplied with blood.

backrest adjustment

The third step is to adjust the backrest height. This is chosen so that the backrest supports the body to right below the shoulder blades. This takes stress off the back and ensures adequate stabil ity over its entire length when leaning backward

How easy it is to find the right setting for children’s chairs for different heights is shown in the video on the moll Maximo.

moll Maximo

moll Maximo Kinderdrehstuhl Jugenddrehstuhl verstellbar mitwachsend Rückenlehne Sitztiefe höhenverstellbar

moll Scooter

What else you should keep in mind when using a children’s swivel chair

Further small details to find the right chair for your child.

start base

Tilting the chair forwards and/or backwards can cause enormous risk of injury. In a current children’s chair test, 5 candidates therefore fell through the grid. moll children’s swivel chairs have an extremely stable five- or six-arm base and thus ensure sufficient stability.

rolling resistance

Children do not always sit still – on the contrary, they should not sit still. They slide back and forth on the chair and change their sitting position. A chair that can be pushed away easily when standing up or sitting down can result that children suddenly landing on the bottom of their trousers and getting injured. With moll, the braked castors harmonized for hard and soft floors provide comfort and maximum safety.

moll Maximo Kinderdrehstuhl Jugenddrehstuhl verstellbar mitwachsend Rückenlehne Sitztiefe höhenverstellbar


If things get too wild in the children’s room, you can prevent the chair from turning with the turnstop function.

Öko-Test rates the moll Maximo 15 (grey/red) at the top

Öko-Test has awarded the Maximo 15 (grey/red) with the test result very well. Of the 10 desk chairs for children and teens that were tested, only one other chair received top ratings

A detailed report on the test can be found here.

By the way:

It doesn’t just call for furniture that allows“correct” sitting. Furniture must always invite the child to move, thus contributing to healthy development of children and teens. It is indispensable that study furniture such as desks and chairs be ideally adjustable to their users’ bodies. That is the only way for healthy seating to be achieved. A study area is healthy only when it offers options to change one’s posture easily and as often as possible, and when it not only encourages sitting, but versatile changes in position and movement.

moll offers flexible ergonomic products that grow with the user, and which make for well-configured learning spaces. But this works only when the furniture is correctly adjusted and when its potential to promote movement taken full advantage of.

Find out more about this exciting topic in an interview with Prof. Dr. Breithecker.