moll at Design Shanghai 2018

Design Shanghai is one of the world’s most renowned international design events and the most important in Asia. Due to its size, the fair has a special position in China’s constantly growing design community.

Design Shanghai 2018 once again presented the best design brands from all over the world and offered a unique and exciting platform to network and build long-term business relationships with Asia’s top architects, interior designers, retailers and private buyers.

As China is moll’s most important export market, it was also of great importance to present the company at the impressive Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 14th to 17th of March 2018. Since its starting point in 2014, the number of exhibitors has grown to over 500 and Design Shanghai is the stage for world-renowned brands operating in China.

For moll, the fair was a unique platform for networking with Asia’s most influential architects, interior designers and dealers. Especially with our moll unique products we aroused great interest among the numerous visitors.

Together with its partners Kiddiz (舒童) and Skanvea (斯堪维亚) moll could welcome about 400 visitors per day to introduce the new T5 to China. Together with T5 the visitors could as well see the T7 in combination with S9 and the new lamp L7 which completed the unique series.  In the children’s category, the bestseller Champion and its little brother Winner delighted the visitors. Both were the only children’s furniture to be seen at Design Shanghai.