• moll unique

    Design for life

    moll unique places special value on design quality along with high standards for ergonomics and durability. The result is furniture designed for life. Both children and grownups can use it, and parents can later pass it on to their children. Variable dimensions and easy adjustment to body size make that possible.

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  • moll kids

    Children grow — moll grows with them

    It can make itself very large or very small, adapt itself flexibly to the needs of the moment, it offers storage space and ample area on which to write, read or paint. It scores heavily with its functionality, it is ergonomic down to the last detail and almost indestructible. The moll school writing desk is an all-round talent which is designed to keep children company from the very day they start school through to their school-leaving exams and beyond, and in many families, it will be passed on from one generation to the next.

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  • moll rotafile

    The master at saving space

    Rotafile’s clever storage concept is right on the money. Compared to conventional shelf systems, the rotating shelves achieve maximum capacity on the smallest footprint to efficiently gain space.

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moll kids, moll unique, moll rotafile

create the future

As the inventor of the desk that grows with the child, we have set a benchmark in the past with premium-quality functional furniture.

With moll unique, a product line has been created that catches the eye with innovative design. The original look is unique on the market.

Whether at home, at the office or in the waiting room, space is costly. Rotafile rotation columns offer the largest capacity in the smallest space.

Champion, Winner and Joker are the desks from moll kids that grow with the child. Combined with the right swivel chairs, Maximo and Scooter, and the Flexlight, they create an outstanding study area for children. The moll unique design series combines ergonomic perfection with extraordinary design. The product line includes the S6 and S9 chairs, the T7 desk and the C7 container. It is designed to meet the needs of every age — from small children to full-grown adults. With the two models Multifile and Compactfile, Rotafile provides movement and always shows its flexible side. The rotating shelves are suitable for a wide range of applications, from pure folder storage to an elegant space-saving version.