• Children‘s desk Champion

    excelelent for kids – more than just a desk

    Quality, function and design — Champion sets new standards for youngsters’ bedrooms. No other desk combines design, ergonomics and safety the way Champion does.

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  • Children‘s desk Winner

    all the extras are included

    If you choose Winner, you get more than just a desk. Winner is moll’s extra-value solution, where everything that a learning place needs is part of the package.

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  • Children‘s desk Joker

    the easy starter model

    The Joker desk system is our trump card. It is captivating for its reduction to classic moll details but does not compromise in design, quality and function.

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  • Children‘s swivle chair Maximo

    the classic from moll – tried and tested for many years

    The Maximo swivel chair not only grows with the child, but also has three setting options for precise adjustment to the child’s body size and proportions. This lets children sit not only comfortably, but ergonomically supported at all times.

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  • Children’s swivle chair Scooter

    the breathable swivel chair with special design

    With its individual design language, new materials and patented functional components, Scooter brings a completely new accent to the rooms of children and teens. The fact that it grows with the user and is ergonomically appropriate is a given with moll.

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moll kids – growing together

healthy learning requires movement

Setting up a good learning space involves more than just picking the right furniture. Children need movement to build knowledge and create experiences. A well-designed study area encourages movement, thus forming the basis for healthy learning. For this, a child’s room must be viewed as a whole. A successful learning area means creating “moving spaces”. This brings a change in perspective when it comes to ergonomics. It is indispensable that study furniture such as desks and chairs be ideally adjustable to their users’ bodies. That is the only way for healthy seating to be achieved.

To us, ergonomics means designing furniture that can not only adjust to the child’s current body size, but also to individual proportions. Size is also important from another point of view: The space that children can conceive also grows with them. For the youngest, a clearly visible desk is ideal. As they get bigger, the desk is then expanded and enhanced. moll kids learning spaces are conceived as a whole. Not until the desk, chair and light optimally match the body, working style and space is a learning location just right.