Which working materials do first graders need?

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In addition to the school bag, the first desk for children, a school cone and many other things, a child needs additional working materials in order to be well equipped at school and for his or her homework.

These include various exercise books and folders, different pencils such as crayons and wax crayons, eraser, sharpener, scissors, glue and water paints with brush. Often the class teacher distributes a material list with the necessary materials.

Teachers’ recommendations for certain work materials are certainly helpful, but they are not binding. However, the specifications for booklet numbers, which determine the size and type of lines, must be strictly adhered to by most teachers and are particularly important for first graders, as booklets for first graders support the first attempts at writing and calculating.

In addition to special work materials at school, work can also be supported at home with special learning tools such as magnetic walls, whiteboards or special world, animal or alphabet cards.

In addition to the working materials, primary school students now need the possibility to have access to a PC to familiarize themselves with the technology, to use e-learning programs and also to obtain information and use reference publications. The Internet in particular is very popular as a reference tool. Google and Wikipedia have outstripped the classic reference literature in book form.

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What are good search engines for first graders?


This search engine for students not only has the most clicks in the German-speaking web, but stands out above all due to its simple and accurate usability. For (almost) all subject areas, from primary school to upper school, the information is very useful.

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The absolutely best-known and most renowned search engine among all students is “Blinde Kuh”. Since 1997 Blinde Kuh has been collecting websites for children and young people and offers a keyword search on these pages. A search engine tutorial explains the quickest way to the right result.

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A search channel operated and managed by WDR. Here, the latest news on world politics is explained in an understandable and descriptive way. A search function allows you to search for messages in the archive. Especially for presentations and elaborations a very recommendable page.

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The Kinderetz is an online service of SWR. In addition to exciting reports on inventions and games and books tips, children and young people will also find a very good search engine on these pages. On request, ARD’s children’s website can also be searched in addition to the usual children’s websites.

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What are good encyclopedias and knowledge portals?

www.schuelerlexikon.de: The learning and knowledge portal by Duden for students

www.wissen.de: An excellent large and free-of-charge knowledge portal on interesting topics

www.planet-wissen.de: A collection of comprehensive information material from many fields of knowledge – an Internet service of WDR, SWR and BRalpha

Which are good online dictionaries?

www.canoo.net: A portal with German dictionaries and grammar books

www.dict.leo.org: Online foreign language dictionaries with voice output

www.langenscheidt.de:Langenscheidt’s dictionary of foreign words

Which websites are used to look up special fields of interest?

www.bpb.de: Political Reference Work of the Federal Agency for Civic Education

www.gutenberg.spiegel.de: Largest German-language online literature collection

www.tonalemusik.de: Comprehensive online music dictionary