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and promotes healthy growth

Ergonomic furniture takes on an important function: It promotes healthy development. Ergonomics is about more than comfort.

Because children grow up to 3 inches a year, furniture that grows with the child is in high demand with parents. But just the height adjustment option on a desk or chair does not make an ergonomically appropriate study or writing area for children.

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What should a children’s desk be able to do?

… or why is a good desk for a child’s room as important as imagination and reading aloud?

What should a children’s swivel chair be able to do?

… or why does a kitchen chair at a desk fail in its job?

Why are desktops tilt-adjustable on growth-adaptable children’s desks?

… or why the right function on the children’s desk can help prevent backaches.

Why is good lighting always important in a child’s room?

… or how you can ensure good sight conditions in the study area.

What is the importance of color in a child’s room?

… or how to create the right mood easily with moll furniture.

What help is there for buying back-friendly products?

… or how independent experts from various medical fields test our products.

Why should you be able to extend children’s desks?

… or what to do when my child’s space needs for homework change.

What is the right size for a child’s desk?

… or how I can find the right children’s desk for my space requirements.

How do I set the desk height right?

… or how high the child’s desk should be at what age.

How do I set the chair height right?

… or how to prevent postural damage and resulting pain through the right setting on a child’s desk.

Does movement make people smart?

… or what Dr. Breithecker says about how movement, health and education are in direct correlation.

moll activates Movement exercises for children for health and intelligence

What to do against lack of activity?

…  or the answer to the question whether romping, madness, racing isn’t actually much more fun than sitting indoors and sitting there all the time.